Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm selling my Roomba, anyone want it? $50 and it's yours

Get a used Roomba Pro Elite Robotic Floorvac and all it's accessories. If you're not familiar with Roomba, it's a cool little robot vaccum cleaner which can just turn on and it will clean your place for you without any intervention required from you.

Roomba's built-in intelligence means that it cleans without human intervention. Even if it doesn't vacuum the floor the way you might, it is smart enough to get your floors barefoot clean. When Roomba starts cleaning it first travels in a spiral pattern. Its Non-Marring Bumper will contact a wall, or it may try to find a wall after spiraling for a while. Roomba follows the wall for a little while, sweeping up dirt next to the wall with the Edge Cleaning Side Brush. After cleaning along a portion of the wall or other object, Roomba crisscrosses the room in straight lines. For most of Roomba's cleaning cycles, Roomba repeats this cleaning pattern until its cleaning time has elapsed, providing maximum coverage of the room.

Vacuums dirt and debris from carpets and hard floors. Gets under beds and couches every time it cleans. Works great on pet hair. I've had great success with this Roomba, but it's time for me to part ways with the little guy, which I affectionately named 'Nate.' Nate did a great job cleaning up after all the dust bunnies that would try to accumulate in my apartment.

Roomba collects large particles as well as dirt, dust, lint, hair and other debris in its unique, removable Particle Bin. Push a button and the Particle Bin releases, and all the large debris can be easily emptied into the trash. Unclip the Air Filter Door on the Particle Bin and the dust and lint collected by the high-efficiency Squeegee Vacuum may be emptied out as well. Brush off the high-density Air Filter, snap the door back in place and the Particle Bin is ready for the next job. Like the lint trap in a clothes drier, the Particle Bin should be emptied after each use.

This Roomba has all sorts of neat accessories like a remote control so that you can direct him around your place. This Roomba comes with a wall mount in case you want to stow him out of the way. Included are 2 Virtual Wall Units.

The Virtual Wall Unit is designed to confine Roomba to one room or area without using a physical barrier. The Virtual Wall Unit uses a harmless, invisible beam of infrared light to create an invisible wall up to 13 feet wide that Roomba cannot pass. It is useful for large archways, rooms without doors, or for dividing a large room into smaller sections. It requires two "D" alkaline batteries, which are included.

This Roomba has done a great job on hardwood floors and small tassleless rugs, but does not do well on shag carpet. The makers of Roomba don't suggest it's use on shag or deep pile carpet.

The unit you would be purchasing in this auction comes in it's original box and has been kept in good condition. If you purchase this unit you will have to replace the battery. The current battery does not hold a charge. Replacement batteries can be found on ebay or from the Manufacturer's website (Irobot).

All it's manuals and warranty cards are included. There is a charger, 2 extra filters, and a cleaning tool included as well. Original purchase price of this unit was $250. Finally this unit is burgundy colored, some of the pictures used in this ad are for illustrative purposes. The actual unit looks like this:


  • Model: 3100
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Shipping weight: 13 pounds
  • Product Features: remote, virtual wall sensors, bagless canister system
  • General Condition: Used but in excellent condition, and will ship in original box and packing materials
  • Roomba Battery Condition: Battery is dead and needs replacing
  • Retail Price, MSRP: $250


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