Friday, February 11, 2005

Waste of time

I lost an hour of my life to this hapland game
sort of worth it. Read the comments for the spoiler. BTW i lost my shirt on the stocks of STEM and ASTM in the market today, down 8%. Argh.


Darren said...

ok - some spoilers, but no conclusion cause i'm not really that good.

In the gun:
2 rocks
2 grenades
1 key card to let the guy out of the cave

-you open the hatch and click the yellow up arrow to let the guy out so
he can shoot the gun for you
-you must fire a rock at the wood bridge so it falls
-you must open the far window on the left so you can see the light,
then you must aim the cannon at the bell and hit it with a rock in
order to get some the door to open on the far left
-once the bell rings, a door should open
-make sure the red arrow points to the right

This is where is makes no sense and i don't know what to do but i've
figured this much out:
-click the door that just opened, then a guy comes out and he starts
walking and gets blown up, don't know how to keep him from being blown
-if you click on the bell repeatedly it drops, then you can aim the
cannon in the air and fire the two grenades away harmlessly without
blowing up anything
-aim the cannon downward toward the house, like you did when you shot
the bridge, and fire the last item, the key card, it will land in the
cave and the guy will be able to open the door
-if you click the guy at the cannon one more time he gets loaded into
the cannon, not sure why,you can shoot him but i'm not sure what good
that does
-finally if you click the guy who comes out of the cave once the door
opens he gets eaten by some killer dog, reminds me of my dog.

3:24 PM

Darren said...

Yes i got frustrated so my good friend anonymous source helped me out, here's part of our IM conversation.

anonymous source: you gotta get the guy on the left past the landmine before you can get by the dog
anonymous source: and you have to blow up the landmine before you send the guy on the left
handsome darren: how do you blow it up?
anonymous source: and you blow up the landmine by launching the rock from the mesa
handsome darren: how do you do that?
anonymous source: using the seasaw... which you do by dropping the bell on it.
anonymous source: after you move the bell into position.
handsome darren: you're crazy, how do you move the bell?
anonymous source: throw the guy up there and he'll move it.
anonymous source: you have to click on the seasaw as you shoot him up there or he'll be killed.
handsome darren: what abotu the grenades?
anonymous source: you have to get rid of them.
handsome darren: launch them at the bridge and click the bridge?
anonymous source: that's the key.
anonymous source: yeah.
handsome darren: ok i knew that much but i don't understand the bell part
handsome darren: do i drop the bell b4 i send the guy to the mesa?
anonymous source: try it.
anonymous source: and you'll have your answer.
handsome darren: he's over on the mesa
anonymous source: click him
handsome darren: holy crap
handsome darren: i didn't try that
anonymous source: I'm sending this conversation to ftg
handsome darren: OMG that's so huge
handsome darren: I LOVE THAT
handsome darren: I just wasted an hour of my life!

3:35 PM

Darren said...

even when i write it out people can't figure it out:

Yet another IM conversation:

LD: f%#*ck
LD: ok, if you click on the window, it opens, and the guy closed it, which drops the rock and I thought that would kill the dog but it doesnt or at least not the way I did it
it does
handsome darren: you need to time it
LD: ok, when do I open the window. I need to WORK. I cant play this all day
handsome darren: pay me and i'll tell you
handsome darren: this conversation is getting blogged
LD: dude, just fucking tell me before I come and whup yo ass
LD: please ;)

--- pause ---
handsome darren: as soon as you click the guy and he starts walking, open the window
LD: I'm the BizzOMB!

3:53 PM


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